Monday, May 1, 2017

A Collection of Happy Moments

April grace...
I write it down so I will remember. 
 I remember, so I can praise the Giver.
-granola, heavy on the nuts and seeds
-white squirrels
-caramelized onions
-knitting with spring colors
- a box of oily goodness
-an adult daughter who still calls her mama when she is sick
-white tailed deer pouncing through the woods
- morning breeze
-post conference discussions
-a beautiful "setting apart" blessing
-morning tangle of arms and legs
- "good morning" bird song
-yellow wildflowers
-"praying for you" texts from friends
- burgers for dinner
-redbud trees in bloom
-surprising someone with roses in a jar
-Chik-fil-a frozen lemonade
-falling asleep on a massage table
-watching the sun rise
-leaving the windows open so you can hear the birds
-clean drinking water
-thinking in the woods
- colored pens and pencils
-interview with Anne Lamott
- fresh color on gray hair
-eyes to see, ears to hear
- cupped hands for inhaling lavender
-working currants into soft dough
-clean septic tank
-walking from the garden with handfuls of asparagus
-morning work in the kitchen
- purple phlox spilling over stone walls
- visit with Travis
- father and son in checked shirts
-an enthusiastic grocery clerk
- rows of "mill" houses
- laughter and hope
-a little girls tea party
- pink azaleas
- a resurrection of faith
- potatoes for planting
- dark chocolate and dried cherries
-first lilac clippings
-growing enough food to share
-time management skills
- hot cross bun hanging from a string
- the elderly on a four wheeler
- rows of planted flowers
-healing bones
- pink arms from working in the garden
- Susana's excitement in cooking class
-new Powersheets for planning
- finding a lost knitting needle
- herbs for planting
- a phone visit with Dad
-red tulips in bloom
- singing Happy Birthday to Kenzie
-necklace from Mark
-sushi for lunch
-friends who remember
-a handmade apron
-lilacs in grandma's pitcher
- Birthday serenading from Ben
-new devotional book
- a "we've been missing you" message from hiking friends
- fitness room painted and ready for decorating
- working with Mark in the garden
-a spiritual experience when you least expect it
- getting out of the Lowe's parking lot avoiding accident!
- sunrise service
-chocolate chocolate birthday cake
- white hyacinths in pink paper
-roman numeral candles
-trillium in the woods
-singing "Christ the Lord is Risen Today" 
from a mountain top
-walking through flower gardens
- afternoon rain
- watching a movie with Mark
- Aldi
- prayer for a stranger
-a bag of clothes to give away
- "purification" in the air
-leftover birthday cake
- embroidered pillow cases
- resting my head in the crook of his arm
-soft sheets
- pottery in lovely shades
- steaks on the grill
- a beautiful hostess gift
-summer pjs
- succulent garden
- the sound of rain as you fall asleep, and when you wake up
- clean refrigerator
-meal plans on paper
-soup and bread
- gifts in the mail
- apples and peanut butter
- sharing life with a good man
- the creamiest pot de creme
- morning walk
- flowers on porches
- baby peaches on trees
-sitting on the deck visiting with Sandy
-dark chocolate peanut butter cups
- hiking to Little Hump
- lunch on a rock
-swift stream
-visiting with "thru hikers"
- texting with Travis
- taking off my boots after a long hike
-encouragement from friends
- trip planning over mexican food
-stacks of travel guides
- underground bakery's chocolate eclair
-facetime visit with Margeaux
- birthday candy bar
- air conditioning
-sitting with Tara at church
-hummingbirds at the feeder
- change
"A good life is a collection of happy moments."
Denis Waitley

Monday, April 3, 2017

The Parent of All Virtues

March grace...
I write it down so I will remember. 
 I remember so I can thank the Giver.
- clean kitchen
- decorating for spring
- daffodils
-a windy walk
-fresh fruit
- Susana
-rolling fresh pasta
-hug from Dillon
- a sincere apology
- pretty nails
- an afternoon nap
-soaking in a bubble bath with the 
newest Bella Grace
-Rebecca's safe arrival
-Margeaux's smile
- sunshine
-listening more and talking less
-a Youtube washing machine repair
-pussy willows in a red pitcher
-buds on the peach trees
-lego building
- hand feeding the "pup pups"
-dirt in the raised beds
-grandbaby girl running into my arms
-tickle spots and baby laughter
-making pizza with Margeaux
-brownies and chocolate chip cookies
-pout pout face
-family dinners
-bathtime splashing
-goodnight hugs
-walks with the dogs
- feast days
- a lovely handwritten note
-quiet, rainy Monday
- freezer full of food
- a new job for Kenzie
-chili beans
-extended grace
-surprise gifts
-request for prayers
- a new massage therapist
-chicken pot pies
-a warm jacket
- rain
- a phone visit with Dad and Yvonne
-sliced oranges
- tulips in vases
-clean dogs
- a new stroller for "baby"
- a phone call from Travis
- cold water to quench my nighttime thirst
-clean sheets on the bed
-prayers for loved ones
-sunshine and seed packets
-parking lot visit with Anne
- walk in the snow
- eggs and toast
-loaves of cooling bread
-a scripture that jumps off the page at you
- cooking classes
- X-rays
-straws in mason jars
- cozied up by the wood stove
-live music in the afternoon
- travel memories
-friendly faces
- pushing seeds into the soil
-first day of spring
- my new website, compliments of Jantzen
- sweating through step class
- a super supportive husband
-77 degrees
- dirt cups with popsicle stick markers
- background music
-visiting teaching
-date night
- ring around the roses
-a walk to see the turtles
-crabcake sandwich
-warm sea breeze
- primary song lullabies
- jumping waves
- toes in the sand
-kids in the kitchen
- praying with Rebecca
-celebratory doughnuts
- view from our deck
-greening pasture
-lunch with Kenzie
-a matinee with friends
-sharing another's sorrow
- toes out of hibernation
-waking up to the sound of rain
-pink roses in a white pitcher
-new "kicks" for summer
-phone visit with Sherri
" Gratitude is not only the greatest of all
virtues, but the parent of all others. "

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Panthertown Valley

(Photo credit: Julie Eargle)
Waterfalls, sandy beaches, sheer rock walls... all in one hike!  That's what Panthertown Valley had to offer the Girls in the Woods this week.  We couldn't have ordered a more beautiful day.
We hiked eight and a half miles and jumped on and off of several trails.  We ended up hiking backwards from our original plan, but still saw everything we wanted to see on this trip.  Never straying far from the water, we made numerous crossings on rocks, logs and sometimes bridges.

The first waterfall was Schoolhouse Falls
We were like turtles soaking up the sun.
(Photo credit: Julie Eargle)
The second falls we came to was Granny Burrell Falls.  There was ice all along the edge, so we cautiously worked our way to an area where we could see.  Even though it was sixty degrees today, it has been dropping down in the thirties at night.
This was the strangest thing.  A sandy beach in the middle of the forest.
We ate lunch on one of the sandbars and this was my view.
A friendly reminder to respect the forest and the shelter.
The Great Wall was aptly named.  We hiked to the base of the mountain in complete awe, feeling very small.   Maggie was trying to figure out how one would go about climbing this giant.
The last falls took a little work to get to.  We were all getting tired by this point, but were so glad we had made the effort.  I am never sorry that we push ourselves to see just one more thing.
Greenland Creek Falls
It was an all day hike, as you can see by the late afternoon sun at the top.  But what a day!  This hike is a little over an hour from my house and I had no idea these falls were here, or that rock face.  Exploring the beautiful area where I live with my hiking friends is one of best things I do for myself.  It's my therapy.

" In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks."
John Muir