Monday, April 3, 2017

The Parent of All Virtues

March grace...
I write it down so I will remember. 
 I remember so I can thank the Giver.
- clean kitchen
- decorating for spring
- daffodils
-a windy walk
-fresh fruit
- Susana
-rolling fresh pasta
-hug from Dillon
- a sincere apology
- pretty nails
- an afternoon nap
-soaking in a bubble bath with the 
newest Bella Grace
-Rebecca's safe arrival
-Margeaux's smile
- sunshine
-listening more and talking less
-a Youtube washing machine repair
-pussy willows in a red pitcher
-buds on the peach trees
-lego building
- hand feeding the "pup pups"
-dirt in the raised beds
-grandbaby girl running into my arms
-tickle spots and baby laughter
-making pizza with Margeaux
-brownies and chocolate chip cookies
-pout pout face
-family dinners
-bathtime splashing
-goodnight hugs
-walks with the dogs
- feast days
- a lovely handwritten note
-quiet, rainy Monday
- freezer full of food
- a new job for Kenzie
-chili beans
-extended grace
-surprise gifts
-request for prayers
- a new massage therapist
-chicken pot pies
-a warm jacket
- rain
- a phone visit with Dad and Yvonne
-sliced oranges
- tulips in vases
-clean dogs
- a new stroller for "baby"
- a phone call from Travis
- cold water to quench my nighttime thirst
-clean sheets on the bed
-prayers for loved ones
-sunshine and seed packets
-parking lot visit with Anne
- walk in the snow
- eggs and toast
-loaves of cooling bread
-a scripture that jumps off the page at you
- cooking classes
- X-rays
-straws in mason jars
- cozied up by the wood stove
-live music in the afternoon
- travel memories
-friendly faces
- pushing seeds into the soil
-first day of spring
- my new website, compliments of Jantzen
- sweating through step class
- a super supportive husband
-77 degrees
- dirt cups with popsicle stick markers
- background music
-visiting teaching
-date night
- ring around the roses
-a walk to see the turtles
-crabcake sandwich
-warm sea breeze
- primary song lullabies
- jumping waves
- toes in the sand
-kids in the kitchen
- praying with Rebecca
-celebratory doughnuts
- view from our deck
-greening pasture
-lunch with Kenzie
-a matinee with friends
-sharing another's sorrow
- toes out of hibernation
-waking up to the sound of rain
-pink roses in a white pitcher
-new "kicks" for summer
-phone visit with Sherri
" Gratitude is not only the greatest of all
virtues, but the parent of all others. "

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